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HANS PULKER AWARD for best Poster at ICCG10
Poster presentations at ICCG10 conference are essential contributions in order to present important results and to inspire the community. Based on the topics of our sessions the authors are invited to highlight new features of their basic or technological research work to the audience. The direct communication between authors and interested participants during the Poster Session mutually offers a great chance.

Therefore, the International Organizing Committee of ICCG has founded the

in order to decorate the authors of the top grade poster of ICCG10. The validation will be performed based on the most convincing scientific or technological content and outstanding layout features.

We commemorate our colleague and truly friend Prof. Dr. Hans Pulker from Innsbruck, Austria, as a strong promoter of ICCG. As the Chairman of our International Organizing Committee he was acting for the conference for decades.

Monday, June 23
17:30 – 19:00 Poster Session
Discussion of the posters
Posters will be on display from Monday to Wednesday. Drinks and snacks will be served on Monday.
High-rate deposition of scratch resistant coatings on polycarbonate with microwave PECVD
S. Merli, A. Schulz, M. Walker, U. Stroth, T. Hirth
Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Plasma Technology, University of Stuttgart
Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, EURATOM Assoziation, Garching
Influence of the chosen stabilizers and solvents on low temperature processed redispersed ITO nanoparticle coatings
N. Wolf, M. Zipf, J. Manara
Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research, Energy Efficiency
Rapid synthesis of high-yielding graphene by supercritical fluid exfoliation
N. Oka, T. Tomai, I. Honma
Tohoku University
Cost-Efficient Deposition Techniques for Transparent Conducting Thin-Films on Glass and Polymer Substrates
T. Abendroth, B. Schumm, J. Liebich, H. Althues, S. Kaskel
Fraunhofer IWS
Fabrication of the ophthalmic plastic lens excellent in heat resistance performance
H. Takahashi
Organic & inorganic polymer coatings on glass for increasing surface durability without changing surface wettability
H. Seo¹, S.-H. Nam², J. H. Lee³, U. Beak4, Y. H. Choi4, Y. T. Joo4, J.-H. Boo¹ ²
¹    Department of Chemistry, Sungkyunkwan University
²    Institute of Basic Science, Sungkyunkwan University
³    School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University
4    Young Do Glass Co. Ltd.
Improvement of the electrical and optical properties of ITO thin films on ultra-thin glass by flash lamp annealing
S. Weller¹ ², M. Junghähnel¹, T. Kopte¹
¹    Fraunhofer FEP
²    Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg
Features of next Generation Mid-Frequency Power Supplies For Plasma Applications
U. Richter
TRUMPF Hüttinger GmbH + Co. KG
The UMS: A new tool for Multi-angle UV-Vis/NIR Reflectance, Transmittance and Absorptance Measurements
D. L. Death¹, R. J. Francis¹, C. Bricker¹, T. Burt¹, J. Wuelfken²
¹    Agilent Technologies Australia
²    Agilent Technologies, Germany
Anti-reflection coatings for low e glass
D. Sheel
CVD Technologies Ltd
Stress Analsysis of Sputtered Ag Thin Films using X-Ray Diffraction Measurement
K. Kato, M. Yonekura
Central Glass Co. Ltd.
New concepts for the reliable testing of the water vapor transmission rate of ultra-high barrier coatings in the range of 10-4 to 10-6 g m-2 d-1
W. Graehlert, H. Beese, J. Grübler, J. Koch, S. Kaskel
Fraunhofer IWS / Sempa Systems GmbH
Preparation and evaluation of Ga2O3 oxygen sensors
M. Isai
Shizuoka University
Evaluation of photocatalytic properties of TiO2 films with loading Cu and Fe
M. Isai
Shizuoka University
The in-line laboratory: Reducing measurement uncertainties of spectroscopic in-line measurements
C. Hellwig, T. Büttner, J. Margraf
Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH
Highly Adhesive Optical Thin Films on Acrylic Substrates by Sputtering and Vacuum Deposition
R. Okuda, R. Nakano, N. Tajima, H. Murotani, S. Matumoto
Course of Electro Photo Optics Graduate School of Tokai University
Department of Optical and Imaging Science & Technology,Tokai Univ, Hiratsuka
Shincron Co. Ltd., Yokohama-city
Fabrication of Lanthanum Titanium Oxide Optical Thin Films by Sputtering Method
N. Ryota, O. Ryou, M. Hiroshi
Graduate School of Tokai University, Graduate School of Engineering
Structural and Optical properties of VOx Nanostructures via Aging Effect
J.-H. Yu, S.-H. Nam, Y. T. Joo, J. Lee, J.-H. Boo
Department of Chemistry, Institute of Basic Science, School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University / YOUNG DO Glass Industry Co., Ltd
Influence of substrate roughness on light scattering and film surface roughness of optical thin films structures depending on substrate roughness
R. Okuda¹, T. Naoya¹, N. Ryouta¹, M. Hiroshi¹, M. Shigeharu², O. Yasunari³, T. Koichi³, S. Muneo³
¹   Tokai University, Graduate School of Engineering
²   Shincron Co. Ltd., Yokohama-city
³   Tokai Optical Co. Ltd., Thin Film Div. Coating Group
Fabrication of Large Area Dye-sensitized Solar Cells Using a Spray Pyrolysis Deposition for Thin-Film Coating
S. Kaneko, P.V. V. Jayaweera, S. Ikoma, S. Ohta
SPD Laboratory
To apply switchable mirrors based on Mg-Y alloy to smart windows
Y. Yamada¹, M. Miura¹, K. Tajima¹, A. Roos², K. Yoshimura¹
¹   National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology (AIST) / Materials Research Institute for Sustainable Development
²   Uppsala University/Ångström Laboratory
Reflectance Control of Low-Emissivity Glass using Optical Absorption of Ag Layer
Y. Nakanishi, K. Kato, M. Yonekura
Central Glass Co. Ltd.
Corrosion behaviour of transparent oxide films deposited by pulsed DC magnetron sputtering
C. Zubizarreta, E. G-Berasategui, R. Bayón, J. Barriga
IK4-TEKNIKER, Surface Physics and Technology
Update in inline Measurement Systems for high Quality low-e
H. Proehl
Low-cost CIGS solar cells and mini-modules by nanoparticle-ink coating on flexible foil
L.-T. Cheng, D.-W. Chiou, C.-C. Li, W.-S. Lin, S.-W. Chan, C.-L. Wu, Y.-F. Chen
Industrial Technology Research Institute, Compound Solar Cell Department
High IR reflecting coatings with high transmittance in the visible (Windowfilm) on flexible substrates
T. Dieter, R. Trassl, T. Deppisch, H.-G. Lotz
Applied Materials Web Coating GmbH
High-mobility In2O3:H Transparent Conductive Oxide for Thin-film Solar Cells
H. Scherg-Kurmes, S. Körner, F. Ruske, C. Wolf, R. Muydinov, R. Schlatmann, B. Szyszka
Technische Universität Berlin, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin
Hierarchically structured nanolayers with de-icing properties obtained by sol-gel method
J. Wasylak, J. Zontek-Wilkowska
AGH-University of Science and Technology Cracow, Poland
High deposition rate reactive sputtering of dielectric layers using plasma emission monitoring and voltage feedback control
B. Tinkham, A. Panckow, C. David, P. Prunici
Solayer GmbH
New biocidal anti reflection glass
D. Sheel¹, H. Foster¹, S. Elfakhri¹, P. Sheel²
¹    Salford University, Materials Dept CSE
²    CVD Technologies Ltd, Salford University Campus
A sputter magnetron ECR ion source for large area metal ion beam surface irradiation and implantation
T. Weichsel
Fraunhofer FEP

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