Friday, June 27

Friday, June 27
09:00 – 16:00 Company Day
There will be the unique chance to visit important companies and institutes in the Dresden region. You will get an interesting insight into state-of-the-art of research and technological developments. (The minimum number of participants set by the organizer is 20 persons.)
R&D Pilot ProjectsThe minimum number of required participants for the tour »R&D Pilot Projects« has not been reached, therefore the tour had to be cancelled.
Fraunhofer FEP
Winterbergstraße 28 | 01277 Dresden |
The Fraunhofer FEP develops plasma and electron beam processes for vacuum coating. In the area of plasma processes, the focus of our work is on vacuum based methods such as sputter technology, plasma-activated high-rate deposition and high-rate PECVD. The electron beam processes can be operated in vacuum and under atmospheric pressure. Up-scaling of these technologies for large area applications is the key aspect of our work. The Fraunhofer FEP consolidates its competences with the Fraunhofer COMEDD. Fraunhofer COMEDD offers a wide range of research, development and pilot production possibilities for OLED lighting, organic solar cells and OLED microdisplays.
Fraunhofer IWS
Winterbergstraße 28 | 01277 Dresden |
Glass and Web Coating Equipment Manufacturers

Tourguide: Dr. J. Strümpfel

DTF Technology GmbH
Am Promigberg 16 | 01108 Dresden |
DTF develops processes and equipment for thin-film deposition and vacuum technologies, e.g.:

  • equipment for PVD (sputtering (RF, DC), evaporation), (PE)CVD, ALD
  • ultrashort time annealing tools for thermal treatment in the (sub) millisecond range
    (FLA – flash lamp annealing modules for integration in in-line and roll-to-roll tools
  • plasma based ion implantation & deposition systems (PIII)
  • customized substrate handling systems for vacuum applications
  • modular cluster tools for R&D environments
  • in-line systems for industrial applications
  • job coating & target bonding
Southwall Europe GmbH
Southwallstraße 1 | 01900 Großröhrsdorf |
Plattleite 19/29 | 01324 Dresden |
VON ARDENNE develops and manufactures advanced vacuum coating equipment for the deposition of ultra-thin functional layers on materials such as glass, metal strip, wafers and polymer web. In the field of architectural glass coating equipment, VON ARDENNE is the market leader. We owe this success to more than 40 years of experience. In web coating, our customers can rely on 16 years of experience. We provide roll-to-roll systems for the sputter deposition of functional layers on polymer web.
Organic Film Materials for Lighting, PV and DisplaysThe minimum number of required participants for the tour »Organic Film Materials for Lighting, PV and Displays« has not been reached, therefore the tour had to be cancelled.
Fraunhofer COMEDD
Maria-Reiche-Straße 2 | 01109 Dresden |
Fraunhofer COMEDD was founded as a research institution of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in order to transfer the results of research and development in the field of organic materials and systems to production. The institution combines research and development works for the production, integration and technology of organic electronic devices. The focus of Fraunhofer COMEDD lies in customer- and application orientated research, development and pilot fabrication of novel module concepts and fabrication methods for these organic electronic devices. Fraunhofer COMEDD is an European-wide leading production-related research and development center for organic semiconductors focusing on organic light-emitting diodes and vacuum technology. The Fraunhofer COMEDD clean room consists of the following equipment:

  • a pilot line for the fabrication of OLEDs on 370 x 470 mm² substrates,
  • two pilot lines for 200 mm wafer for the OLED integration on silicon substrates as well as
  • a research line for the roll-to-roll fabrication on flexible substrates.

Fraunhofer COMEDD offers a wide range of research, development and pilot production possibilities, especially for OLED lighting, organic solar cells and OLED microdisplays. After the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has decided to consolidate its key competences in Dresden, Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP and Fraunhofer COMEDD now started the integration of both institutions.

Heliatek GmbH
Treidlerstraße 3 | 01139 Dresden |
Heliatek was spun off in 2006 from the Technical University of Dresden and the University of Ulm. The company is one of the leaders in the Organic Electronics Energy field through both its development and its manufacturing of organic solar films based on small molecules. Its business model is to supply custom-designed HeliaFilm™ to industries such as building and construction material, automotive, light structure and electronics. Heliatek maintains a total staff of some 75 specialists at its facilities in Dresden and Ulm, Germany. Investors in Heliatek include leading industrial and financial companies such as BASF, Bosch, RWE, Wellington Partners and eCapital. Research and development work, as well as the installation of production technology, has been funded by the Free State of Saxony, the BMBF (Federal Ministry for Education & Research, projects: LOTsE (03EK3505E), Organic pin-devices 2.1 (03IPT602B)), the BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology) and the European Union. Heliatek is currently operating its first roll-to-roll manufacturing line installed in Dresden, Germany, which went into production in the fourth quarter of 2012.

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