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Sunday, June 22
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Monday, June 23
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Tuesday, June 24
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Wednesday, June 25
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Thursday, June 26
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Friday, June 27
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Short Courses
Chairmen: Dr. J. Strümpfel, Dr. M. Liehr

  • Switchable Coatings
  • Battery Technology
  • Pre-treatment, handling and cleaning of thin and flexible substrates
  • Transparent and Flexible Electronics
  • Light management in thin-film photovoltaics
  • Metrology for Large Area Glass Coating

Introductory Session
Marketing and Business in the Field of Coatings on Glass and Plastics
Chairmen: Dr. K. Suzuki, Mr. J. Vitkala

Technical Sessions

  • 1. Deposition Technologies 1
    »Advanced Plasma Processes in Vacuum«
    Chairmen: Prof. G. Bräuer, Dr. J. Strümpfel
  • 2. Deposition Technologies 2
    »Wet-chemical and Hybrid Processes«
    Chairmen: Dr. J. Pütz, Dr. G. Schottner
  • 3. Deposition Technologies 3
    »CVD, ALD and Related Processes«
    Chairmen: Prof. D. Sheel, Mr. K. Spee
  • 4. Pre- and Post-Treatment for Flexible Glass and Polymers
    »Functionalization, Strengthening, Patterning, Annealing«
    Chairmen: Mr. R. Shimshock, Dr. T. Kälber
  • 5. Film Growth and Process Control
    »Fundamentals, Analytics, Monitoring«
    Chairmen: Prof. B. Szyszka, Prof. N. Oka
  • 6. Energy Conversion, Saving, Efficiency
    »Glazing, Solar, Transportation«
    Chairmen: Dr. W. DeBosscher, Mr. K. Kato
  • 7. Precision Optics
    »Communication, Consumer Electronics and Biomedical«
    Chairmen: Prof. N. Kaiser, Dr. G. Ockenfuß
  • 8. High Performance Coatings
    »Display, Lighting, Flexible Electronics«
    Chairmen: Prof. X. Liu, Dr. R. Trassl

Panel Discussion
Transparent and Barrier Coatings –
What will be the appropriate substrate material in future?

Chairmen: Prof. B. Szyszka, Mr. R. Shimshock


Program at a glance

Program at a glance
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