Welcome to the 10th ICCG!

Thank you for visiting ICCG10 in Dresden!

Following the last nine successful ICCG conferences, the 10th ICCG will convene on June 22 – 26, 2014 in Dresden, Germany. The focus of this conference is to bring together participants from science and industry active in the field of large-area coatings on glass and plastics globally. In addition to contributors from universities and research institutes, the conference addresses coating manufacturers, materials and equipment suppliers as well as key end user industries. The focus of this conference continues to be applications of functional coatings for high volume products that can be applied on glass and plastic materials.

The ICCG was founded in 1994 and focused on applications for glass substrates only. Nowadays, our scope is broadened to include the coatings on glass, plastics or flexible materials which have all become extremely important for large area and/or high-volume markets.

The conference structure remains similar to that of the previous conferences: Scientists, technologists, experts, and managers will have ample opportunity to discuss the latest trends in the field of research and applications of coatings on glass and plastics. Prior to the conference, on Sunday afternoon, six educational Short Courses will be given by experts in the field to provide fundamental and technological background in specific conference topics. In the morning on the first day of the conference, an introductory session will provide market and business information and specify future technological requirements.

As in the previous conferences, the 10th ICCG highlights the most important Deposition technologies during the first three technical sessions, considering PVD, CVD and Wet Processes. This will be followed by two sessions dedicated to Processing: Session 4 is highlighting Pre- and Post-Treatment of flexible glass and polymers. Session 5 deals with Fundamentals of Film Growth and related process-control features. The final three sessions are dedicated to surveying the most important Applications for thin film coated glass and plastics including energy features, precision optics and challenging high performance coatings for displays or lighting. This conference will also provide information about the different technologies at a general level suitable for new product designers, as well as providing the key technical aspects, including safety measures, and environmental and economic consequences. There will be also a lively panel discussion on Wednesday covering the state of the art in Transparent and Barrier Coatings and the new directions imposed by this market. Finally, complementing our interesting technological and scientific program, there will be an extended and important industrial exhibition with many of the key vendors for these markets directly next to the conference floor.

We are confident that the conference site in Dresden will offer you great opportunities for networking offering one chances to interact with many of the dedicated experts from the coating and equipment industry, as well the various Fraunhofer institutes and academia. A guided ICCG10 tour on Friday will offer one access to a group of companies and institutes of a wide range of interests.
Come to ICCG10 and meet the international glass and plastic coatings community.

We look forward to seeing you in Dresden!

Dr. Koichi Suzuki
Secretary of ICCG

Prof. Dr. Volker Kirchhoff
Local Chairman

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